This nourishing workshop provides a unique opportunity for your birth partner to learn, experience and assist you in techniques that you will find useful during labour. These sessions can be booked privately in your own home or via Zoom.

  • Active birth positions.
  • Breathing techniques that are helpful during pregnancy, the different stages of labour and postnatally.
  • How to use the birthing ball, peanut ball and other props you might find in the birthing environment.
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy and labour.
  • Techniques to help with pregnancy comfort, foetal positioning and labor progress e.g. using rebozo sifting, positional releases for softening the pelvic floor, hip muscles and round/broad ligament.
  • Shared partner relaxation
  • 1.15 – 3 hours depending on requirements.
  • Digital handouts are provided

    Now booking: 4th December 2021 10.45 – 11.55am Workshop at Ingledale BOOK NOW
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