I’ve been practicing yoga for 14 years. I started attending yoga classes at my workplace and it was love at first downward dog…well almost. Upon starting a weekly practice of yoga I soon realised that this was the ‘something’ that had been missing in my life. It cleared my mind and gave me a strong yearning to start caring about my body again. I had recently graduated from University and was enjoying all that London had to offer. I was amazed by the variety of yoga postures and I was encouraged that there really is something for everyone, (even those with short hamstrings!)

After a few years of practice I found a British Wheel of Yoga foundation course, at Yoga Junction in North London. I really wanted to learn more about yoga and this gave me an insight into the history and philosophy.

I practiced yoga more intensely over the following years with a focus on Ashtanga. Unfortunately, I broke my arm in a cycling accident and the recovery was slow. It was during this time that I realised how much I needed yoga in my life. I hadn’t appreciated the positive effect yoga has on my mind and body. Eventually I recovered enough to start attending classes at a gentler pace. It felt so good to be back.

I started to explore a wide range of yoga styles and soon realised I wanted to start my teacher training. I decided to train with Camyoga, in Cambridge.  I completed 200 hours of Yoga Alliance training in 2013. I began teaching my own yoga classes at Coram’s Fields. I supplemented this training with an adjustments workshop with Melanie Cooper and Norman Blair,  following this with a Yin Yoga Immersion course in early 2014. Since then my focus has shifted to Pregnancy and Post Natal yoga. In February 2015, I attended the Teen Yoga and Mindfulness training course with TeenYoga. 2015 was a big year of change for me, I moved to Oxted, Surrey to be closer to my family and create a better work/life balance. Yoga and meditation really helped through this period of transition and I would have felt lost without the feeling of stability that it brings to me. In 2016, I setup pregnancy classes at Ingledale Therapy Centre and attended post-natal training at Triyoga with Nadia Narain which has reinvigorated my teaching. I also began working with Yoga London to co-deliver the Pregnancy and Post-Natal yoga course. In 2017, classes started at Halos Clinic based in Oxted, I attended training in Yoga for postnatal recovery and peri-menopause with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Birthlight Baby Yoga training. In 2018, I completed my Toddler Yoga training and began Well Woman yoga with an emphasis on Yoga for Pelvic Health. I’m fully committed to ongoing development and regularly attend yoga classes throughout the UK.

My aim is to create a friendly environment, encourage students to maintain focus, safe alignment and link to their breath.



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