“Classes are very thoughfully and carefully planned. Caroline is an excellent yoga professional – warm and welcoming as well as instructing in a skilled and thoughtful manner. I would sign up for another course! :o) Thank you very much for including us in your trial group – we had lots of fun!” (Toddler yoga)

What did you enjoy most from the Toddler Yoga classes: “Friendly with no expectations for the children to join in. Seeing ‘S…’ build confidence and see her try it out at home in the days after.”

“Thank you for the fantastic classes that were a real highlight of my week during pregnancy.”

“It could not have gone any better and I am 100% certain that yoga guided me through the entire process from pregnancy to birth with visualisation, movement and amazing breathing techniques. I am enternally grateful for joining the course and meeting such inspirational mums and being guided by Caroline. Hiring the doula gave us the security blanket of calm and reassurance in preparing for and having the birth we wanted, but ultimately it was the incredible skills I learnt and practised in yogita that supported the birth of beautiful baby.”

“The classes exceeded expectations in terms of the amount of planning that went into the sessions and the different items and objects. Things we now share – we include some yoga time into the day – downwards dog, fun songs to learn parts of the body, encouraging long breaths.”

“It was very helpful, really lovely to attend both physically & emotionally & socially for me and baby.”

“My favourite baby class I go to. I look forward to it every week.”

“The Wednesday evening savasana (relaxation) was something I most definitely looked forward to!”

“Thank you for putting on the classes at Coram’s Fields. You got me started with yoga and it was such a supportive and welcoming environment to practice in. You made me appreciate that yoga is about me only and it doesn’t matter if I can’t bend the way others can. It’s about how much i improve in myself (and i still remember my 3 second crow with much pride).”