Links Closing the Bones Ceremony details Yoga resource. A woman’s guide to all things female. A wonderful guide for Yoga Nidra ( yoga sleep). One of my favourite yoga brands, versatile for pregnant bodies too! Your most personal trainer, great for pelvic floor training. Fabulous articles and resources on regaining strength in your core and pelvic floor. Ingledale Therapy Centre Baby Yoga Emma is fab for all things pelvic and she’s even written a book. Louise provides lots of helpful treatments. Alix thoroughly understands the pregnant and postnatal body, including C-Section massage.

Pregnancy Yoga seated ‘warm up’

This video is a short introduction to a pregnancy yoga class (15mins): featuring a balancing breathing technique; postural awareness; movements to increase flexibility into the hips/pelvis for birth; strengthening for the legs to increase stamina; time to connect with your baby. Enjoy.

Pregnancy yoga, standing sequence

Birthlight Baby Yoga – Strengthens and helps baby through development stages. Helps Baby digestion. Improves sleep. A balanced of activity and relaxation. Aids mum to regain strength after birth and develops bonding between parent and child.