Closing the Bones (post natal)

In 2018, I trained in a ceremony called Closing the Bones. I had first discovered this on my pregnancy yoga training and since giving birth I felt that there was more I could offer women.

The Fourth Trimester is a huge transition. The baby really gets the focus and I wanted to do something for women to celebrate their amazing body and create a moment to reflect on the journey that they’ve been through. It is such a powerful postnatal ritual/ceremony.  It is warming and nurturing, yet deeply releasing. I have no qualms in saying I wept for all that had past and felt hugged in a delicious embrace. I felt closure for many things, not only the birth of my daughter but also the birth of myself. Yes, it can be that deep!

It is perfect for life’s transitions. If you would like to know more please email me and I can arrange to speak to you about whether this is suitable for you. I can visit your home, approx. time for the massage and ritual is 1.5 hours £45-60.

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