Baby Yoga

Perfect for new mamas & dads. Classes use songs alongside movement and stretching. Baby yoga uses ability appropriate movement rather than age based. Babies learn to roll, sit, balance, sensory elements are also included within the class, including baby handling techniques for parents to feel empowered. The classes will help tone and heal your pelvic floor; bring stability and strength back to your abdomen; provide a space for you to feel recover and feel re-engergised and supported by other mothers. The focus is on mama, however, babies are welcome to lie/play alongside you as we can combine yoga poses with your baby. Suitable from around 8-10 weeks, babies welcome until crawling, please check with your GP/Midwife/Women’s Health Physio before attending

These classes are usually booked in blocks of 5 classes, however, depending on space you may be able to join for a one off class or halfway through a block. Classes are currently on hold.

If you’re looking for a class with more focus on ‘you’ then my Flow & Restore classes are suitable for all. Contact Caroline for further information:

Quick mama reset video. Perfect for new mamas needing to rest or undo tension in shoulders and wrists.